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‘Voices For Yes’ Urges Fans to Act to Get Yes Inducted into Rock and 

Roll Hall of Fame

Declares December 1, 2015 as ‘Yes Day’ and encourages fans to vote often to help Yes achieve long over-due Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Status

LEESBURG, VA—November 24, 2015—Yes, one of the most innovative and highly acclaimed bands in the history of progressive rock, has for the second time been nominated for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In order to boost support for the band, the independent, grass-roots organization, Voices For Yes, (VFY) has declared December 1, 2015 as Yes Day and is urging fans to cast their votes on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s website to help push for the band’s induction into the highly exclusive Hall as part of the Class of 2016.

“Yes is arguably one of the most innovative, impactful, influential and highly acclaimed bands in the history of progressive rock and yet official acknowledgement from the Hall continues to inexplicably elude the band,” said John Brabender, founder of Voices For Yes.  “The group’s extensive influence and enduring body of work is simply too significant to ignore and so we are asking all Yes fans to join with us to ensure that Yes receives the honor it has earned.”

As part of its campaign to get Yes inducted into the Hall, VFY has declared December 1, 2015 as 

‘Yes Day’, and is asking fans to:

  • Become an official member of Voices For Yes at
  • Vote, as many times as they like, to position Yes as the top popular vote
  • Share their vote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or their favorite social media platform to enlist the help of fans, friends, family, co-workers and followers
  • Change their Facebook and Twitter avatars, cover photos, and background for YES DAY on December 1, 2015 

According to the rules of the nomination process, fans are allowed to vote an unlimited number of times for their preferred nominee from the current list of fifteen nominees.  The fan vote of the top five nominees will be considered a fans’ ballot by the Hall and will be tallied along with the other ballots that will help decide the final list of 2016 inductees to be announced in December.  This is the fourth consecutive year that the public gets to vote alongside the Rock Hall voting body. 

According to the Hall of Fame, the most important criteria for induction is musical excellence, influence, extensive body of work and innovative style and technique.   

Yes broke into the music industry in 1969 as a fresh talent with their first album, Yes.  Their 1971 album, Fragile, catapulted them to worldwide fame with their single Roundabout and established the band as a pioneer in progressive rock, with some of the finest musicians in the business. For the next four decades, Yes created a remarkable and enduring comprehensive body of work that has passed the test of time, and directly impacted some of the most successful names in the world of Rock and Roll.

Yes has been eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1994 but was shut out for about two decades by the Hall.  The band never received a nomination until thousands of Yes fans banded together to sign a petition and form the group Voices for Yes, which resulted in Yes’s first nomination in 2014.  In 2016, Yes will enter its 48th year of existence and will have released more than 20 studio albums, selling at least 30 million records worldwide.  They continue to perform today.

About Voices For Yes

Voices For Yes is a grassroots organization that was founded by GOP Political Strategist and Lifelong Super Fan John Brabender.  The group gained traction in 2013 when thousands of fans signed a petition to join VFY and support the mission to help Yes receive its long overdue and rightful place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Fans may add their voice by signing the petition and participating in this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vote at  Voices For Yes is not affiliated with the band.